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The Dog Days of Summer

the-butch-star-canis-majorIt is the last day of July. The dog days of summer. It is hot in New York. Unless you stay in  your apartment with the air conditioning on you can not escape the heat. The sidewalks are hot, the subway platform is hot, the dog run is hot. I try to take Gracie in the evening once it cools down a little. Last week she wasn’t interested in going out for walks. She skipped a meal.

When it is hot Gracie finds a cool place on the wood floor and lies down. She laps up some water and chews on an antler. I get lazy too. I skipped the gym; I went to the dog run and had a couple of beers. The dogs splashed around in the wading pool and then lay down on the hot pavement and watched us drink.

I put on a couple of pounds and blamed it on Gracie. The summer is prime time for losing weight, but I am exactly where I was in April. I am still on Weight Watchers. I am still a few pounds short of my goal. Continue reading