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Report Back from Butch Voices 2013

Butch-Streetcar-San-FranciscoI’ve got a lot spinning around in my head from the Butch Voices 2013 conference. I want to share two highlights (other than just being around several hundred butches for a weekend). First, Sinclair Sexsmith reading their piece “Unsolicited Advice to a New Butch.”  Click on the link and read it. Now. Second, the discussion on butch isolation in Diane Sabin and Elana Dykewomon’s workshop on Old Butches.

I almost didn’t go to the Old Butches workshop. I didn’t want to be with a bunch of 1970’s era female identified and potentially trans-phobic butches. I didn’t want to hear a lot of groaning about pronouns and why we all can’t be happy being called she. I did not want to have to explain myself at Butch Voices.

I know that wanting to avoid something is a good reason to go do it, even though the other workshops had a certain cachet. So I skipped the Flirt LIke You Mean It! workshop and went for the Old Butches instead. My reward was getting to sit next to the fabulous Jewelle Gomez. Yes, there were femmes at the conference too. Continue reading