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Learning How To Tie My Shoes

bunny-earsI don’t remember learning how to tie my shoes. I grew up before Velcro and I refused to wear Mary Janes or flats. All of my shoes were lace-ups. I’m pretty sure I was taught the “bunny ears” method before I mastered the adult method. I made a double knot to avoid tripping on my laces.

I am a walker. I started walking around the city when I was eleven. My school was 1.5 miles away; it didn’t take more time to walk than to take the M15 bus. I liked the independence and the adventure. I used my bus money to buy a pastry or a bagel at one of the bakeries on my route. I double knotted my shoes so I wouldn’t have to stop and re-tie them. The knot and I were both chubby and clunky.

I own 13 pairs of shoes that lace up (five pairs of sneakers, two pairs of light hikers, two pairs of work boots, two pairs of chukka boots, a pair of boots for my transmasculine soul (see below), and a pair of insulated snow boots). I am hard on my shoes. I either wear down the soles or wear through the padding on the back of the collar. I try to rotate my shoes so they will last longer, but I notice myself mostly reaching for my light hikers. The ones with the fat round nylon laces that keep coming undone. Continue reading

Learning to Wear Pink

It pains me to admit that I look better in pink than in blue.  All through my childhood I refused to wear pink.  Pink was for girls.  I was not a girl.  Q.E.D.  I would wear blue, thank you.  One of the first fights that I remember over clothing was the purchase of a pair of leather Oxford shoes.  I was in nursery school.  I wanted the navy blue ones. My mother wanted me to get the red ones. I pitched a fit.

If you read that first paragraph carefully, you guessed that there were many fights.  Many of them over clothing.  Many of them over shoes.  Until I was in the middle of 5th grade, girls had to wear dresses to school, even pubic schools.  There was not much of a point in fighting about that.  It was “The Law”.  I had an assortment of drab dresses that I absolutely hated.  Not because they were drab.

Drab for me was always fine, at least until recently.  Navy blue comes in many shades; I own clothing in all of them.  Butches appreciate the nuances of navy blue.  “Everything goes with blue jeans” is my motto, although I wouldn’t have included pink shirts until recently.   I learned to wear pink by wearing what I thought of as “men’s pink”.  I was at work and I saw a guy wearing a pink shirt and I thought “If he can do that then I can do that”.  I went out and bought my first Brooks Brothers button down Oxford cloth shirt in pink.

I have a thing about button down shirts.  I own about twenty of them.  Four of them are pink. Initially it was hard for me to accept that I looked good in pink.  I knew I looked good in maroon.  Maroon was cool.  Maroon could be a team color.  Pink was for girls, except when it was for guys and then I could wear it.   Once I could accept that I was handsome in pink, it worked. Sometimes my own logic defies logic.