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My 2015 Butch, Genderqueer, Non-binary, and/or Trans Swimsuit Challenge

The GB Swim Teams -1924 Olympics. Men and women's suits are identical and made from wool.

The GB Swim Teams -1924 Olympics. Men and women’s suits are practically identical.

This summer will be different. I threw out my butch standard issue Speedo racerbacks. I’ve hit the point of no return. I didn’t swim at all last year. This year I’m swimming genderqueer. This year I am putting together, as Donna refers to it, a cockamamie swim outfit. Without the cock.

I’m only entertaining swimsuits that appeal to my masculine side. Everyone has an idealized version of what they want to look like on the beach. I have mine. Even if the style is 100 years old. Even if the original was made out of wool jersey, and the style was discarded when swimsuits started to be manufactured from modern materials.  Continue reading